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Occasionally you might want to change the date of a post. All you need to do is open up the post in edit mode, click on Edit link next to the date in the Publish module, change it to the new date and click Update.

For example, you’ve just come back from holidays and want to backdate posts for days while you were away or you want to change the order of posts on your blog post page. This generally isn’t a good idea because it changes the Post URL For example, if you change the date just after a post is published, and you have email subscribers, the link in their email notification will no longer work.

Though some people prefer to schedule their blog posts so that they can have a plan for the upcoming day. There are people who want to show that the blog post was published on the earlier date than the original one.

Now the editing area or the post writing area will be showing to you.

Your post will now be published with the date and time you specified.

Word Press articles that you publish to your website can be scheduled to publish in the future as well as backdated.

To change your blog template, you first need to create a new template: After you create a new blog template, you can apply it to a blog.

This created a lot of buzz in the blogosphere & many bloggers reached out to ask for more data on this.As you may know, Shout Me Loud is a 6-year-old Word Press blog, and I have posts dated from 2008.Are you thinking about changing the published date of your blog posts? I am going to tell you as how can you backdate and schedule your blog posts?Anyhow, I thought of having a little fun & decided to do a SEO case study by removing & re-adding the dates.I put the dates back on my blog posts to see the effect in search engine ranking.

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