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Jay Presson Allen happened to be visiting the theatre that day—American playwright. My daughter loves her and I want her to play this role." So that's how really I started on the stage. OH: I had done walk-ons at the Old Vic where I had no dialogue yet. G: Now that experience—acting opposite Vanessa Redgrave—I assume was a charmed one. It was amazing because we got to work—I had the second lead role out of the girls, and Vanessa was so giving and so wonderful—such a great human being. And she left , and she said goodbye to those of us who she had grown attached to.

And I was auditioning and Jay Presson Allen happened to be—you know, this was a long time ago; I got to think about it. And apparently Jay Presson Allen said, "I want her to play Jenny, the pretty one." She said, "I saw her in a little football film called .

And that's when I kept saying, "I want to be an actress." G: When would you say you caught the acting bug?

Though other actresses have spoken the lines with greater skill, it is the young Hussey who can make a modern lad believe that Juliet was worth dying for.

But her adolescent admirers may be dismayed to learn that the screen goddess of 1968 is now 50 and a mother of three.

Director Franco Zeffirelli told Rex Reed in a 1969 interview: "They had the exact qualities.

She had to be strong and he had to be gentle." In his 1986 autobiography, he wrote: "The boy turned out to be less of a problem than I feared. She had some talent, but she was unfortunately overweight, clumsy-looking and bit her nails constantly – hardly the delicate Juliet I dreamt of." He cast the other major parts then turned back to the problem of finding Juliet.

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She was born in Buenos Aires on April 17, 1951, daughter of an Argentine singer and an English mother who divorced when she was two.

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