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Normally my View Models inherit from my View Model Base base class, which provides a Raise Property Changed method and, when in debug mode, uses reflection to check if the property name is valid.Now I’d recently refactored the code so this particular View Model wasn’t using the base class, so my first instinct was that I’d simply mistyped the property name magic string in the event – but that was all fine.

For example, if the user edits the value in a This topic uses simple code examples to illustrate data binding concepts.

If the debugger tells you that the Data Context is being updated correctly to the expected item, then the most likely issue is that there's a problem with how your binding is defined.

If you're not seeing any binding errors reported in your debug window, then I'd look into Bea Stollnitz' article on debugging bindings.

private string _Sum; public string Sum #region INotify Property Changed Members public event Property Changed Event Handler Property Changed; // Used to notify Silverlight that a property has changed.

private void Notify Property Changed(string property Name) private void Update Sum Value() #endregion Update What I'm trying to do is to update the textblock everytime the listbox adds an item.

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